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Parts Order Desk

This order form is to order PARTS only (i.e.: brushes, capacitors, bearings, switches, armatures etc...)

To order COMPLETE UNITS  (motors, gearmotors, blowers, pumps, bases, fans....) 
go to Main Order Desk.
Use the Request For RGA Form to return goods/parts.

bulletPart(s) Needed:

If part number is NOT known, then enter the part description (i.e.: Brush) .
Also, please enter the manufacturer's name and the model number of the
unit the part belongs to.

If you require a Parts List to help identify the part(s) needed, then 
indicate this here and provide your Company Name, Your Name, Phone &
Fax number only
. Then submit form. If a parts list is available it will be faxed 
to you ASAP.

Parts List Needed for:  Main unit Model Number >>
Parts List Not needed (complete rest of form) 


         Part #               Description            Model # Of Unit  Manufacturer's Name

bulletAccount Info: 

                 Select:   *Account #  

If your Account # is known, complete only these (*) fields. Otherwise complete ALL fields.

C.O.D. ( Cash/Cheque) available in >>only. If your city is not listed, apply for an account.
Shipping Information


*First Name

  Last name

Street Address




*Phone w/area code

        Fax w/area code:     format: ###-###-###

*Email Address

*Purchase Order


Promo Code #

(if applicable, provide supplied promotion code here)
Terms: "On Account" customers will be billed on a NET 30 basis subject to your current credit standing. C.O.D. customers will be notified of exact amount due at time of delivery. NSF cheques are subject to a $40.00 service charge. Goods remain property of Bock Motors In Motion until paid for in full. By submitting this form you agree to these terms. 
bulletOrder Priority: (mandatory)

bulletOrder Date/Inquiry Date: (mandatory)

-- mm/dd/yy

If you experience problems submitting this form, you may print it out and fax it to us
@ (416) 352-6141

That's it!   Your Parts Order will be processed the same day 
it is received. Thank you for your order!
                   We appreciate your business!


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