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Note: After selecting a category, to order from the catalogue you have 2 options
(1) Write down the Product #(s) , go to Order Desk, and enter the number(s)  
(2)  With your mouse, select/highlight the Product #(s), right click , copy,
       then go to Order Desk and paste the  Product #(s) in the required field(s) 

You Have 3 Search Options:


General Search: You can select by category - this will take you to the
  First page of each category. At the bottom of each page you can choose to 
  go to the Order Desk, to the next page, or back to this page to select another 

Motors: 1Ph Shaded Pole & Capacitor Run Motors: 3 phase
Motors: 1Ph Capacitor Start Motors: DC & AC/DC
Blowers & Fan Units Pumps Gearmotors
Metric Line Winches/Hoists Reducers
Parts & Accessories


Specific Search: You can be more specific in your selection and select by motor type/application.  You will then be taken to that specific page within the category chosen.                                         

AC Motors: Single Phase AC Motors: Three Phase 208/230/460  AC: Motors Metric
C-Frame & Unit Bearing 48 & 56-Frame:230/460 Metric: 1-Phase
3.3" Diameter 143/5T-326T-Frame:230/460 Metric: 3-Phase
3.91" & 4.4" Diameter Washdown-230/460 Metric 2-speed-3Ph
42-Frame-1ph C-face Mount-230/460 Metric Brake-3ph
48-215T-Frame-1ph Brakemotor-230/460 Metric Explosion-3ph
Air Conditioner/Fan Coil Condenser-230/460 Metric Frame Sheet
Unit Heater 2-Speed-230/460 DC Motors: 90/180V
Condenser Fan-1ph  Submersible Pump-230/460 12 & 24V motors
Yoke Mount-1ph JM Pump Motor-230/460 90V Regular & Washdown
Instant Reversing AC Motors: Three Phase 575 180V motors
Submersible Pump (Well) 48-56-Frame:575 180V Washdown
Double Shaft-1Phase 143/5T-326T-Frame:575 DC Speed Controls
Brakemotor-1Ph 284-445T-Frame:575 DC Stepper
Two-Speed-1phase Brakemotor-575 AC/DC Motors
Pool Pump-1Phase Washdown Duty:575 Universal Type Motors
Furnace & Oil Burner Explosion Proof-575 5.7" Thru-Flow Vacuum
Circulation Pump Motor C-Face (no base)-575 5.7" Tangential Vacuum
Carbonator Pump Motor Condenser Fan-575 5.7" Peripheral Vacuum
Washdown Duty -1ph 2-Speed-575 7.2" & 7.5"  Vacuum
NEMA Chart (dimensions) JM Pump Motor -575 Brushless Vacuum
Compact Submersible Sump/Effluent Swimming Pool
Coolant/Recirculating Submersible (Well) Rotary Gear
Metric Coolant Booster Vacuum (oil-less)
Utility/Drainage Close Coupled Diaphragm
AC Synchronous AC Right Angle 90VDC Parallel
Subfractional Parallel AC Adjustable Speed Drives 12VDC Parallel
Subfractional Parallel w/brake AC/DC Right Angle 12VDC Right Angle
Fractional Parallel 90VDC Right Angle 24VDC Parallel
Blowers & Fan Units
Single Inlet Blowers Transflow Air Circulators
Double Inlet Blowers Axial Fan Units Ceiling Fans
Accessories & Parts
Fan Blades Pulleys Run Capacitors
Single Inlet Blower Wheel Pulleys -Variable Speed Start Capacitors
Double Inlet Blower Wheel Rain Shields for Condenser fan motors Brushes
Mounting Brackets Conduit Boxes Seals (mechanical: pump shaft)
Equipment Moving
AC Winches DC Winches Hoists
Variable (Adjustable) Frequency Drives / Frequency Inverts
Speed Reducers
56C-Flange R/A Reducers Non-Flanged/Indirect Drive Reducers


Model Number Search: You can search our On-Line Catalogue for a specific model number. You will be directed to the page where that particular model number is featured. If you enter a model number that is NOT in our Catalogue, we can still locate the item for you! Simply go to the Order Desk and supply the number there

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